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Airborne Roll-on Roll-off Enclosures and Pallets



SelectTech GeoSpatial specializes in design and production of enclosures that meet airworthy standards for use in roll-on/roll-off roles in military and commercial transport.


The Steel Eagle, shown above, is used to transport senior military and govern-ment leaders aboard a
C-17. This allows them to work and rest while in transit on long duration missions.



The enclosures are integrated to provide a cost effective solution for safe and secure DV travel in austere environments. Contact us at:

    Custom-built to meet individual customer standards, platforms, and operating environments

Designed and airworthy on C-17, KC-10, KC-135, and C-130 aircraft

Full power generation 60Hz/120V & 28VDC from aircraft supplied power

Integrates Inmarsat communications system for world-wide broadband coverage¹

Provides UNCLASS, SECRET, TOP SECRET, and custom network connectivity¹

First-class seating and sleeping quarters

Meets rigid airborne requirements – FAA-certified and passes EMI/compatibility testing²

Rigid frame construction – built for field use

Customized communications solutions available

SLIP and SLICC communications provided by modified VIPER II
1 Communications integrated into Steel Eagle platform

Requirements and individual certifications dependent upon platform


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