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SelectTech Advanced Concept and Design Resources

SGAMF's technologies foster innovation and help us focus on your concept


The SelectTech GeoSpatial Advanced Manufacturing Facility is designed to transform ideas to reality. The first step in this transformation is capturing the concept.

We have developed an interactive environment for concept development that


lets us push the envelope and clearly define a
project’s goals. We take a unique approach where we intentionally focus on concept capabilities and de-emphasize product features.

Our goal is to capture the essence of what the product should do, rather than how are we going to do it.

SGAMF utilizes multiple techniques; brainstorming


using staff from multiple disciplines, white board sketches, and real time solid modeling, among others, to foster innovation. Once we have the concept’s goals and capabilities defined, the design phase of product development starts.

SGAMF designers and engineers generate creative solutions which are reviewed and refined, to


assure the finished product meets critical standards.
To streamline this process, we have sought out the most advanced solid modeling software packages, and run them on heavily customized, high efficiency workstations in a design-dedicated environment. Throughout this process we never lose contact with the customer or the concept, presenting you the best solution.


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