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SelectTech Flight Testing Capabilities

SelectTech offers Integrated Flight Test & Manufacturing Operations


SGAMF is located on the flight line at the Springfield Beckley Municipal/Ohio Air National Guard Airport with direct ramp access.


This gives us a a unique capability to deliver flight test services quickly and economically.

SGAMF has the ability to downlink aircraft telemetry in real-time and push that telemetry over-the-horizon (OTH) which allows the participation of remote personnel in live flight test



operations, or "test from
a desk".

Line-of-sight to Wright Patterson Air Force Base
at pattern altitude.

Relationships with local spectrum management authorities allows access to a large range of wireless spectrum to support data links and sensors.


SelectTech has a long involvement with flight testing as both a provider and consumer.

With this breadth of experience, we’ve developed a flight test product which is customer objective focused aiming to alleviate the challenges that many of our clients face.



    Integrated into the SGAMF is the ability to design, conduct, and host flight test operations:

Located at Springfield Beckley Municipal/Ohio Air National Guard Airport with all-weather day/night operations


9,000' runway and a crossing 5,500' runway with ILS, VOR, DME, and GPS approaches

Under controlled airspace with onsite control tower

Large ramp with resolution stripes for sensor testing, calibration, and validation

Capable of hosting large groups of flight support personnel with full IT resources and space for multiple aircraft

Equipped and capable of providing advanced engineering and manufacturing services for aircraft and system modification

3D printers, CNC machining centers, sheet metal and composite fabrication, wire harness and electrical subassembly manufacturing cells

On-site resources to instantly address flight test requirements

Experienced pilots to aid flight test planning

Electrical, mechanical and computer engineers

Experienced teams of aircraft installation technicians

Manage the FAA certification process with a DER
Fuel, tug, APU support and aircraft storage available


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