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The SelectTech GeoSpatial Advanced Manufacturing Facility has an extensive prototyping capability to bring customer’s designs to life. In addition to advanced CNC machining, SGAMF also has a 3D printer onsite. Both the CNC and 3D printer can directly import data from a CAD solid model to the machine, eliminating errors and reducing lead time.

CNC machining allows a


seamless integration between design and prototype using MasterCam software. This allows SGAMF to machine precision parts that can be used for form, fit and function quickly.

3D printers provide the ability to generate complex shapes (structures within structures) directly from solid models with no intervening steps.

Complex functional models


can be produced in durable Engineering thermal plastics (EPT) in a choice of colors. Components or entire systems can be printed as assemblies ready for use. Design iterations can be completed in a short period of time leading to a final component design or finished product. Parts can be made in near-net-shape, allowing them to snap together or work dynamically to demonstrate operational effectiveness.


First Flight

First Flight... The linked video shows the first flight of a 3D printed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


From idea to physical component in 24 hours is possible with SGAMF prototyping capabilities. This capability is part of a suite of technologies available to support the delivery of physical solutions for complex,
need-it-right-now products.


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