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SGAMF supports customers before, during and after manufacturing


At SelectTech GeoSpatial, we recognize that making an item is only the beginning of the support process for our customers' products. Customers are supported before, during, and after the manufacturing process.

Before the manufacturing process we work very closely with our customer to


develop, capture, and refine their concepts.

During manufacturing, we keep our customer in the loop and apprised of progress throughout.

However, it's after manufacturing that


SGAMF's services stand apart. We have a long history of providing post-manufacturing services and sustainment support to our customers, including electronics repair centers for damaged or misused equipment.


SelectTech GeoSpatial provides an entire support solution to ensure that our customers are successful by directly assisting customers who are addressing their own unique challenges.

  SGAMF Support Resources include:

Providing ground support for flight operations

Complete bed-down facilities participating aircraft

Facilities to modify aircraft on site

Experienced pilots to aid flight test planning

Electrical, mechanical and computer engineers available

Experienced teams of aircraft installation technicians

On site designers for 3D prototype manufacturing

Organic aircraft to carry and test customer payloads


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