s-UAS Flight Systems

SelectTech’s array of design and production elements include: sUAS design and simulation, rapid prototyping, composite materials manufacturing, sensors integration, ground station design and build, and aerial testing capabilities. Our ability to design, build and integrate sUAS rapidly is unique in the marketplace. As military, police, fire, agriculture, forestry and industry increasingly rely on sUAS for their flexible oversight capabilities, SelectTech can supply solutions and support services.

SelectTech is located on an airport flight line with ample room for flight testing and demonstrations.


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Download the SelectTech General sUAS Datasheet

eVTOL Systems and EH-Series Quad and Coaxial Copters

SelectTech’s rugged electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems are designed to withstand challenging industrial and agricultural environments - a stable, hovering platform for any sensor and image capturing device.

Our EH‐Series Quad and Coaxial Copters are extremely durable and easily configured for multiple missions types. Emphasis has been placed on stability, modularity and ruggedness.

EH-Series Models and Payload Capacities:

  • EH-4 Quadcopter: up to 4 lbs
  • EH-8 Coaxial Copter: up to 9 lbs
  • EH-8HL Coaxial Copter: up to 15 lbs
* All models included eVTOL, controller, EO sensor, batteries, battery charger, and transit case.

Mission examples include:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Public utility
  • Emergency response
  • Other industrial applications.

We can engineer the correct platform/sensor/data link combination to tackle your longer range and up-close applications.

Download the SelectTech EH-Series sUAS Datasheet

Fixed Wing UAS

The EP-3000 is a tough, survivable, fixed-wing sensor platform designed for missions covering long loiter times. Emphasis has been placed on stability, ruggedness and payload capacity. Aircraft can be tailored to user requirements including modularity to conform to multiple sensor types.

EP-3000 highlights include:

  • Modular for easy repair, replacement, or mission swap
  • Loiter time: >1 hour
  • Onboard data link and recording capability
  • EPS, fiberglass, or Kevlar®
  • GPS with multi-waypoint navigation
  • Electric/LiPo Power System
  • Wingspan: 8 ft (EP-3000) ; 6 ft (EP-2000)
  • Payload bay (EP-3000): 360 cu in (6"x12"x10")

We tailor platform/sensor/data link combination to accommodate desired loiter time, payload capacity, sensor arrangement, and other factors necessary to achieve mission success.

Download the EP-3000 Fixed Wing sUAS Datasheet

Download the EP-2000 Fixed Wing sUAS Datasheet

LA-3000 Launcher

The LA-3000 launching system is designed to launch a fully loaded EP-3000 aircraft, but can accommodate any small fixed wing up to an 8 ft wingspan and 20 lbs capacity. It consists of a winch system, safety arming switch, launch indicator and button. It weighs just 24 lbs and is 10 ft in length.

Download the LA-3000 Fixed Wing sUAS Launcher Datasheet

Custom Integration and Services

Our s-UAS services include sensor and communications payload design and integration, cable and harness assembly, frequency management, calibration, flight testing, and day or night mission support.